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Code Orange - “Dreams In Inertia” official video

“No boxes. No boundaries. No fear. The I AM KING mindset. Dreams in Inertia.”Code Orange

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"Iranian mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani has become the first woman to ever win the Fields Medal — known as the "Nobel Prize of mathematics" — since the award was established in 1936. The Stanford mathematics professor was awarded the prestigious honor for her contributions to the fields of geometry and dynamical systems."

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Longboard Girls Crew France on Youtube:

Longboard Girls Crew France - Bye Summer so …

I want to do this :)

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"Human interaction takes old ideas and transforms them. New ideas are the product of human collaboration."


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Listen/purchase: Eros|Anteros by Oathbreaker

Listening to this album gives me the same chill as listening to Faith by Rise & Fall. Maybe it’s because Kurt Ballou has been engineering and mixing both albums, maybe it’s because Oathbreaker has been influenced by Rise & Fall, maybe a bit of both…

Anyway Eros|Anteros is really a great album !

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Longboard inspired drawing on Flickr.

not that bad… ^^